Refinancing your mortgage

Homeowners often consider refinancing their mortgage to take advantage of better financial options. The five common reasons to refinance include securing a lower interest rate, using an improved credit score, shortening the loan’s term, switching from an adjustable to a fixed rate, and cashing out home equity to fund a large purchase or payment. Refinancing can save money in the long run, decrease monthly payments, and allow homeowners to build equity in their homes sooner.

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Best Places To Work in Idaho

Empire Title was voted #3 Best Place to Work in Idaho in 2022. Empire Title participates in the Best Places to Work in Idaho every year, where we learn about our team and celebrate our successes. At Empire Title we believe that our employees are family, and we prioritize finding people who love what they do and love who they do it with. We focus on learning, growing, overcoming challenges, and showing up for our team TOGETHER.

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Getting Ready For Retirement

It’s important to start preparing for retirement early to avoid financial insecurity later on. Some tips include calculating your target savings, contributing to employer retirement plans, taking advantage of employee benefits, paying off debts, and reducing daily spending. It’s recommended to save between 10 to 15 percent of your income for retirement and to use online savings calculators to determine specific savings goals.

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